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Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing is communication of a wide variety via mobile devices.  Mobility is the most attractive feature; computing can happen anywhere.  Mobile computing includes the use of Personal Digital Assistants, Smartphones, mobile PCs, and tablets. Mobile applications are being written everyday on an extremely wide array of topics for education, business, and personal needs.

Students, faculty, and staff at Smith College are using mobile devices to assist their work and studies.  The Center for Media Production maintains tablets that can be borrowed: iPads (iOs), android OS, and Windows Surface.  The loan program allows members of the Smith community to try mobile apps. 

Who is using mobile computing at Smith?

Barbara Kellum, Art Department, borrowed iPads for her entire class.  The students completed assignments during their tour of the Smith Art Museum.  They were able to stand on more than one floor of the museum and yet show each other live images of what they were seeing.

Simone Gugliotta, Italian Department, used tablets with her students to record short video clips.

Dominique Thiebault, Computer Sciences, used an iPad to record lecture materials for his students.

How can I explore mobile computing?

Contact Aisha Gabriel, Faculty Development Coordinator,, or Deborah Keisch Polin, Instructional Technologist,

Visit the Center for Media Production, lower level Alumnae Gym.