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Interactive Displays

Interactive displays are classroom presentation hardware. These electronic whiteboards can detect user touch and allow the presenter to move objects or write directly on the screen..  They can display slides or any website or whatever the instructor calls up on a computer or tablet.  Whatever is written on the screen can be saved for later viewing.

At Smith, several of our classrooms have interactive white boards developed by Smart Technologies.

Who is using interactive displays?
Language departments, Sciences

What does the research say?
The interactive electronic whiteboard is great for demonstrations.

Manzo, Kathleen Kennedy. “Whiteboards’ Impact on Teaching Seen as Uneven.” Digital Directions, January 8, 2010.

How can I examine interactive displays for myself?

Wright Hall 002, Hatfield 105, 106, 204, 205, Sabin-Reed 220, 330 (Registrar scheduled spaces). Contact

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