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Information Technology Services

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Required Contact Information:

First Name:
Last Name:
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Email Address:

What type of event is this?

Check off the equipment you need:

You may be charged for certain technology services.

Digital Projector (for Powerpoint, etc.)

PC Laptop

DVD Player

Mac Laptop

(USA Tapes Only)

Boombox (CD and Cassette Player)

16mm Film Projector*
(Requester must provide technician)

Slide Projector


Transparency (Overhead) Projector

Portable Screen

Document Camera

Podium Mic*

If you would like Panel, Handheld, or Stand Microphones,
enter how many here:

Would you like help starting your presentation⁄event?

Please note that items with an asterisk (*) are only available at limited locations.
If you are bringing your own laptop, please make a note to come early to the setup so that we may test your machine with our projector.

If bringing your own Mac, please bring video adapter.

Fill in the date, time, and location you need the equipment. If you don’t see your building on the list, it may not be a normal support area and you may need to check this equipment out from the Center for Media Production.

Date, Time, and Location:

Start Time : AM       PM
End Time : AM       PM

Repeating Dates: Check the appropriate boxes below only if you would like repeating days. If you need a slide projector or transparency projector for the entire semester, please make only one request and specify in the comment box below that you would like it for the entire semester.



Be sure to click the Submit Request button on the next page to complete your request!

An Equipment Request Form is just that: a request form. The form becomes a reservation only when Classroom Support staff have approved and confirmed the client's request.