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Streaming Films, Video & Audio

Educational Technology Services provides a content delivery system for streaming audio and video files for academic courses or departmental needs.

Streaming media files can be played on your computer and in some instances on your tablet or mobile device, but do not actually reside on your computer. Most media played over the web today is streamed.

Files may be organized and streamed as a playlist or linked individually. The links can also be embedded into your Moodle or website so that the media actually appears to be directly on your site.

Policy for Streaming Media for Educational Uses

The Center for Media Production will process and upload media for streaming for course work on a first-come-first-served basis. Please allow at least two weeks for processing.

Works digitized must be either copyright free, be accompanied by a copyright permission statement or fit under Copyright Law’s Fair Use Clause or the Teach Act..

- Non-Dramatic Works can be digitized and streamed to course participants under the Teach Act.

- Portions of Dramatic Works as would be shown in a class can be digitized and streamed to course participants.

- To be considered acceptable under the Teach Act works must be assigned by the instructor and discussed / worked on as part of the required course work.

- A required class showing of a film is considered class time.

All works will be made available to class participants through Moodle and hence only accessible to course participants. They will be setup in such a way as to not divulge the direct url (address)

Students using their Moodle course link to display copyrighted media to others not in their class are in breach of copyright.

For more information on Copyright Law and the Teach Act, please visit

For more information, please contact Jo Cannon at or 413.585.3472.