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Working with Media

Using Media in Moodle

Your Moodle course can be used as a central location for all the media links you use in your course regardless of source.This is a great way to provide materials under fair use and the Teach Act.

Whether you link from Vimeo, YouTube, an image collection, another website or Smith's on media server, you can provide your students 'one stop shopping.' The media can play in a seperate window or be embedded directly into your Moodle page.

You can upload smaller media files directly to Moodle and forums are a great way for students to share their media work with the class. If you are using a large collection of media or large files, we ask that you work with the CMP staff to upload your media to the Smith media server and link to it from within Moodle. For larger collections of media, we can help you create a playlist which gives your students a simple and consistent viewing experience.

Contact Jo Cannon at or 413.585.3472 for more information.