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  Tom Laughner
Seelye Hall B7
(413) 585-3079
  Jo Cannon
Assistant Director
Seelye Hall B5
(413) 585-3472
  Joe Bacal
Applications Administrator
Seelye Hall B9
(413) 585-3301
  Dan Bennett
Media Producer
Alumnae Gym C/01
(413) 585-3473
  Marty Bimbane
Senior Audiovisual Engineer
Alumnae Gym C93
(413) 585-3396
  Jacy Birdsong
Classroom Support Technologist
Seelye Hal B3
(413) 585-3105
  Dan Bridgman
Applications Admin Visual Arts
Fine Arts Center, Hillyer 327
(413) 585-3398
  Sandy Bycenski
Media/Systems Support Specialist
Alumnae Gym C/11
(413) 585-2945
  Moses Diaz
Classroom and Event Support Supervisor
Seelye B2
(413) 585-3099
  Yasmin Eisenhauer
Instructional Technologist
Seelye Hall B9
(413) 585-2636
  Jeff Heath
Video Technologies Administrator
Center for Media Production
Alumnae Gym C94
(413) 585-2955
  Deborah Keisch
Instructional Technologist
Seelye Hall B9
(413) 585-3020
  Kate Lee
Senior Media Producer
Alumnae Gym C/10A
(413) 585-2889
  Tammy Lockett
Online Instructional Designer
Seelye Hall B9
(413) 585-3097
  Mario Valdebenito
Instructional Technology Specialist
Seelye Hall B3
(413) 585-4202

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