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We are seeking well-developed and creative ideas for learning useful skills, tools or techniques; cultivating creative expression and awareness; encouraging health and well-being; engaging in service projects; expanding cultural awareness; or deepening understanding of and appreciation for the environment and sciences.

Classes/workshops can be taught for a minimum of 2 hours up to a maximum of 10 hours, all of which must fall within the Interterm period, January 3-23, 2018


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Complete proposals are due by 4:00 pm on October 20, 2017.

How to write your proposal

We are seeking well-developed and creative ideas for courses and workshops:

  1. Course proposals must be complete and clearly written. We need to know what the course or workshop is about and how the instructor will organize it.
  2. Courses must be teachable within a reasonable time frame. You may choose to offer a course or workshop for the amount of hours you wish. The maximum hours cannot exceed 10. Dates offered need to be within the Interterm period (January 3–23).  There will be no classes offered on Monday, January 15 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day).
  3. You must demonstrate that you are qualified to teach your course, though teaching experience is not required.
  4. Appropriate classroom space must be available.

Course and workshop proposals don't need to be more than 300 words. In addition to the proposal, submit a short course or workshop description and a short personal statement that explains your qualifications for or interest in teaching your subject. Though we may edit it, your course description will be included on the interterm Web site course listing.


Students enrolled in classes are responsible for paying the instructor for any expenses for materials, photocopying or services necessary for the course or workshop. Instructors should estimate the cost per student so that we can include this cost in your course or workshop description. Be specific; tell us what the materials are and what each student will have to pay.


The stipend for a course or workshop is $40/hour. The stipend is paid per course or workshop. If more than one instructor will teach the course or workshop, the stipend will be split between the instructors. Smith students and staff will receive their stipends through the payroll system.

Smith Students

Smith students' earnings for teaching an interterm course or workshop will not affect the financial aid award.

Smith Staff

Smith staff who want to teach an interterm course or worshop during their normal work hours must make appropriate arrangements for vacation, personal time or nonpaid time off with their supervisor before submitting a proposal.