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Cultural Organizations at Smith

International Students' Organization (ISO)

ISO serves as a support system for the international student body at Smith. ISO hosts many events and activities that encourage the international community to share and exchange their unique cultures with each other and with the Smith community. The most popular ISO traditions include Rhythm Nations, I.S. Day, and trips to Boston and New York.

Chinese Interregional Student Cultural Organization (CISCO)

This organization of primarily Chinese students has as part of its mission to educate students about Chinese traditions. Their events such as Moon Festival bring the Smith Chinese community together.


EKTA is the South Asian student group on campus. Their main events include Mehendi Night and Jhalak. These events allow students to share their South Asian culture with each other and with the Smith community at large.

Smith African and Caribbean Students Association (SACSA)

SACSA is actively involved in creating awareness about African and Caribbean culture through events such as Pan Africa Week.

Vietnamese Students Association (VSA)

VSA is the student group for Vietnamese students and those interested in Vietnamese culture. They are known for their Spring Roll workshops, among other events.