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The Office for International Students provides letters for international students for a number of purposes.

Invite Letter

Invite letters from the college are not considered necessary documents to have for parents and/or relatives who apply for a tourist visa (B-2) at the U.S. Embassy or consulate. If you have family members wishing to visit Smith for graduation or for any other time, you may send them a personal note or you can send them formal graduation invitations which are available in the Grecourt Bookstore in the lower level of the Campus Center. To apply for a tourist visa, family members require proof of residency in that country, a bank statement showing enough funds for their trip and a round-trip airline ticket. They may also require a letter from their employer and proof of owning a home.

RMV/Residency Letter

Sometimes a student will need to prove that they live on campus. The most common reason for needing such a letter is to obtain a state ID or driver's license. Residency letters can be requested here via online form. We will write the letter, and you can pick it up at the Lewis Global Studies Center.

Once you have your letter, there are a few other materials you'll need in order to obtain a Mass ID, Driver's Permit, or License. There are several good resources online, including How To Obtain a Massachusetts ID and www.massrmv.com.

Letter of Good Standing

This letter is used to show that you are a student in good standing at Smith College. Because good standing letters are used for so many different purposes, and because the contents frequently need to include different information specific to that purpose, we do not have an online form for a good standing letter. To obtain one, visit the Lewis Center in Wright Hall 125, or stop by Dean Caitlin's office during her open hours.