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Luggage, Storage & Shipping

Personal possessions that are to be sent from foreign countries rather than brought into the United States with you should be mailed by parcel post whenever possible. Parcels may be mailed if they are under $250 in value.

Parcel Post

The advantages of parcel post mailing are: ease of clearing customs, savings on shipping charges, faster delivery, and delivery directly to Smith College rather than to a port of entry (which involves an additional expense). Be sure to fill out a customs and postal declaration when you mail the parcel, giving an accurate description and value of the contents, and attach it securely to the parcel. Parcels labeled "student clothing" are exempt from customs duty. It will probably be much cheaper to send three or four parcels by mail. You should address boxes to:

[Your Name]
[Post Office Box Number]
1 Chapin Way, Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063-6302

Please mark the boxes "Hold For Arrival." There is very limited space on campus for storage during the academic year and summer months. Please do not send any items you do not absolutely need for your first year at Smith.