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What to Bring

The important thing to remember is that you should pack light when you are travelling for the first time. Just bring with you some essential clothing, a few souvenirs, pictures of your family, etc. Additional clothing and other personal items can be brought back with you when you go home for the winter holidays or the following summer.

Please note: The college does not supply curtains, sheets and bedding or lamps.


Northampton is situated in the northeast part of the United States and you can expect a wide range of weather conditions.


From late August early September (during ISP) the temperature can range from 25°C to 35°C. Colder winter months from November through late March range from –25°C to 5°C. A heavy outer coat is essential and you will also need snow boots, gloves, a wool hat and a scarf. In early fall and spring jeans, cotton dresses, blouses, skirts and pullovers are worn. Rain equipment such as rubber boots and an umbrella are essential.

Student Attire

Generally, students dress in casual clothing on campus and in the classroom. Blue jeans, sweaters and tennis shoes are very popular. There are many local stores and a large shopping mall nearby where you can purchase all of the above.


It would be very helpful if you already have a laptop computer. You will find that all courses will require typewritten papers and students use a word processing program to write their papers. There are computer facilities available for students in several buildings, which are open during the day as well as at night. Computer hookups and Internet are also available in student rooms. For more information about computers, please visit the Smith College Computer Store.

Please remember that if you purchase a computer from Smith, it will be covered under a warranty system and can be serviced by us should you have any problems. Computers purchased elsewhere are not serviced by Smith.