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Meet the ISP Leaders

2016 ISP Leaders


Maria de Villeneuve

Hi, I'm Maria! I'm French and Ecuadorian but have lived in Italy for most of my life. I am now a Junior and am majoring in Economics! I speak English, French, Spanish and Italian and have now been learning Chinese for 2 years here at Smith! I teach an Insanity fitness class in the GetFitSmith program and spend most of my free time doing photography. I have wanted to be an ISP Leader since the day I went through ISP myself as this orientation was a perfect representation of the amazing years to come! I hope the Class of 2020 will be as well welcomed as I was and I hope for me and all the ISP Leaders to make it that way. Welcome to Smith!

Khulood Fahim

Hi! I'm Khulood, and I am a rising sophomore majoring in Government and Comparative Literature. I am half Egyptian, half Syrian, and I live in the United Arab Emirates. Some of the organizations I am involved in on campus are Global Impressions, one of Smith's online journals, and Higher Education for Refugees at Smith (HERS), a newly-formed activist group. I loved my first year, and I learned so much from all of its surprises and challenges. Older students were such a huge part of making me feel welcome and at home, and I never had to look very far for help, guidance, and good company. I would love to do the same for you! Please feel free to reach out to me at kfahim@smith.edu at any time, and I'm looking forward to meeting you in August!

Sahra Ibrahimi

Hi! I am Sahra Ibrahimi, a rising senior at Smith. I am originally from Kabul, Afghanistan; however, I have been living in the US since 2009. I major in economics and minor in math. I am very passionate about being an ISP leader and I love being involved in the international student community. I have been a part of the International Students Organization as a cabinet member for the past two years and for the next academic year I will be the President. I like diversity, and I appreciate the diverse community that Smith College has. Smith tends to keep this diversity by having great international students like you from all around the world. We are very excited about seeing you all at Smith this fall. Please keep in touch and do not hesitate to ask me any question you may have. You can reach me at sibrahimi@smith.edu. I am looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon in the fall.

Gray Li

I'm a rising sophomore from China, and I live in Gardiner house (in the quad). I'm officially undecided, but my intended majors are Econ and environmental science. Last year's ISP experience was fascinating and I still want to part of it.

Rutendo Madziwo

Hello Class of 2020! My name is Rutendo Madziwo and I am a rising sophomore with an intended major in Economics and minor in Statistical Data Sciences. I'm from Zimbabwe and I'm so excited to welcome you all to Smith ISP this year. I had an amazing ISP week last year; I met my best and closest friends from all over world, discovered lots of ice-cream flavors (ice-cream is my other bestie), and I found a new home away from home at Smith College. I'm a Student Curriculum Committee member who's also interested in learning languages - I'm currently learning French at Smith and grasping a few Swahili and Korean words from my international friends. I hope your ISP experience will be as awesome as mine was... or even better. If you have any questions or just want to chat, don't hesitate to shoot me an email at rmadziwo@smith.edu . Lots of love <3

Ellie Mainou

l am a senior from Greece. l am a math major, biology minor and biomath concentrator. l am a gold key tour guide and an member of the Chase house council. The reason l am being an ISP leader is because l would love to meet the new Smithies and help them with the first days of transition to college life.

Endi Mato

Hi Class of 2020! I'm Endi from Albania and I came to Smith after living in Bosnia and Herzegovina for two years, attending the United World College in Mostar. I'm a rising sophomore and intending to major in Government and Economics, with a concentration on International Politics. At Smith, I'm a senator for the East Quad and a member of the Smith Debate Society. ISP was one of my favorite experiences at Smith and I can't wait to make it yours, too!

Hilda Nalwanga

I am Hilda Nalwanga, from Kampala, Uganda. I am a rising junior majoring in Government and African studies with an 5-college International Relations Certificate. I am a cultural chair in the Smith African and Carribean Students' Association (SACSA) and I am really pumped about getting first years involved with it. I also work at the Lazarus Center for Career Development and at Neilson Library. I am excited to be an ISP leader to help first year students know about the numerous resources on this campus.

Melanie Nguyen

Hi! My name is Melanie. I was born in Vietnam but I went to middle school and high school in Singapore. I'm a rising Sophomore and a Government/Economics double major. I will probably do a concentration in Translation Studies as my life goal is to become a polyglot. Theater is my life and I'd love to talk to you about getting involved with Theater at Smith or the 5 Colleges. I also love Vietnamese spring rolls, dim sum, stuffed animals, sci-fi, and nice long walks. I really enjoyed my ISP and I can't wait to welcome you in the Fall. I am also going to be a leader for the Outdoor Adventure Orientation program!

Silvana Saca

My name is Silvana, and I'm a Computer Science major at Smith. I'm from El Salvador, so my favorite things include pupusas and tropical weather. I am the incoming SGA Secretary and a rising junior. If you're interested in student government, memes, El Salvador, or artificial intelligence, talk to me! I'm very approachable.

Priscilla Semphere

I'm a rising junior at Smith, majoring in the Study of Women and Gender and considering a second major in African Studies. I'm the second of three children, and was born and raised in Malawi. At Smith, I'm one of the co-chairs for the Smith African and Caribbean Student's Association (SACSA). My interests include reading, writing, having thoughtful conversations, drinking tea, watching cartoons, and curling up in bed with a good book. I'm excited to work ISP this year because I love learning about people's experiences and hearing their stories.

Ava Sharma

Hello, Ni hao, Namaskar, Class of 2020 and welcome to Smith! I am Ava Sharma, a senior at Smith College, majoring in Environmental Science & Policy and minoring in International Relations. Besides academics, I enjoy music, traveling, playing basketball and dancing. I have lived and schooled in 3 countries: USA, Singapore and Nepal. I understand the hardships many international students may face when coming to Smith as I myself came on my own from Singapore just a few days after turning 18. I am looking forward to meeting all of you and helping you feel like home at Smith. I have benefitted from the supportive environment at Smith, and am excited to share my experiences which I hope will be of help to you. Until then, So long, Zai Jian, Namaskar. Please feel free to email me at aksharma@smith.edu if you have any questions or would just like to connect. I look forward to hearing from you :)

Xiaolu "Emma" Sui

Hey there! I'm Emma from Dalian, China but I stay in Shanghai from time to time. I live in Chapin house which is right next to the campus center (come and visit!). My hobbies are watching documentaries, reading fiction, traveling, and cats. I truly enjoyed my ISP experience especially the mentorship I received from upperclass students so don't be afraid to ask me any questions -I'd love for you to have the same kind of experiences as I did!

Helena Thompson

Hi Class of 2020! My name is Helena and I'm a rising Junior. I'm from London, England, and I'm a Government major. This year I'm the Vice President of the International Student Organization's cabinet, and I'm really looking forward to meeting you all soon! Feel free to reach me at hjthompson@smith.edu and welcome to Smith!

Claudia Yun

Hello Class of 2020! I am Claudia Yun, from Beijing, China. I am a senior math major and physics minor, and I live in Tyler House. In my free time, I enjoy playing the piano, rock climbing, and doing circus stuff, liking juggling. One of my recent goals is to learn to ride an unicycle. ISP was one of my favorite times at Smith, so I hope I could help make it an amazing week for all of you as well!