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Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

The CPT program is an employment option for off-campus jobs, much like the OPT program. It is intended for students in their second or third year of studies or those who have been in F-1 student status for nine months or longer. Smith's policies allow for students to use CPT authorization to pursue off-campus jobs and internships during Summer (and J-term under limited circumstance).

The CPT program differs from the OPT program in that the job for which you are applying is an integral part of your major and for which you will be receiving academic credit. The time you spend working on CPT is not deducted from your 12-month postcompletion Optional Practical Training program.


CPT permission is granted by the Office for International Students & Scholars. In order to qualify for CPT:

*This course may be an independent study with a practical component, or a course in your department which already has a variable credit given for independent research or study, such as a capstone, practicum or thesis research project. For Picker Program students, the internship course may suffice.

How to Apply

*Important note for Mac users: the Preview app on Macs does not always save your responses correctly in the form. Please use Adobe Reader to fill out the form.


You may apply for CPT during the summer of your second and third year of studies. The employment authorization page of your I-20 will specify the permission granted for CPT as well as the authorized period during which you can work. It will also have the name and address of your employer.