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Travelling to Smith

Travel Documents

To travel to Smith, you will need:

I-20 Forms

All I-20 forms for the entering class, including early admitted students, will be issued in late May and early June, provided our office has received all necessary paperwork, including a Certification of Finances.*

Your I-20 will be signed and dated by the International Office in May before you depart for summer vacation in order to stay valid.

*When you fill out your Certification of Finances, make sure you provide a complete and legible address, including a postal code and telephone number so that we can send the I-20 to you using a courier service.

Are you coming to Smith from another US institution? Download our Transfer Verification Form to learn the process for transferring your F-1 visa.

Living Expenses

Your SEVIS I-20 has a list of all your college expenses for the first academic year.

Smith Budget

We have added an estimate of $2,056 in addition to room & board and insurance for essential expenditures such as travel, books and personal expenses. The inclusion of these funds is mandated by USCIS and should be included in the total amount on Certificate of Finances. These expenses are extra and are not covered by Smith even if you are receiving a full scholarship and/or financial aid. Please plan your budget accordingly and bring with you sufficient funds to meet these expenses.