Related Sites

1. Societies and Associations

The History of Science Society boasts to be "the world's largest society dedicated to understanding science, technology, medicine, and their interactions with society in historical context". Founded in 1924, nowadays, it provides membership to over 3,000 individual and institutional across the world. On the website, you will find information about not only its activities, but also career guide, researches, grants and teaching materials in this discipline.
Hosted by the Department of the History of Science Medicine, and Technology at John Hopkins University, SHOT is an international society of 2000 individual members and 1500 institutions. It is concerned with not only the history of technological devices and processes, but also the relations of technology to science, politics, social change, arts and humanities, and economics. The website provides the society's current activities, publications, as well as links and references to other related programs and associations.

2. Museums and Virtual Tours

Museum of Scientific Instruments
The scientific instruments' collection of the University of Toronto is fully demonstrated here. You can search the database under different discipline or by key word. Each instrument is thoroughly explained of its usage, materials, manufacturer, and year made.
The Perseus Project
Perseus is an evolving digital library, developed by Tufts University. Besides a large database in classics topics, namely Greek, Latin, Archaeology, etc, it also hosts virtual exhibits, displays interactive maps, and provides information on humanities, such as English Culture and Literature. This particular site takes a while to load, but be patient, the information is well worth the wait.

3. Special Areas

The Galileo Project
Supported by the Office of the Vice President of Computing of Rice University, this project aims to provide hyper textual information about Galileo and the science of his time. Here you will find the information of all expertise: from the scientist's biography to his famous works, experiments and instruments. Portraits of Galileo can also be found in the site's gallery.
Steam Engines
This informative 48-page website makes an impressive introduction to the people and events leading to the steam engine invention. 6 bonus video clips are also included. However, the minus is unbidden popup windows.
Stone Tool Web Ring
Consisting of 4 member sites, this web ring is devoted to stone tools and the manufacturing techniques. The link first brings you to the Ring Hub, and you can navigate to member sites from there on. It will be a valuable resource for the stone story, and will be more appreciatory if you have a pop-up block software to stop emerging advertisement windows.
The Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük
The Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük, Turkey, first discovered in the late 1950s, is internationally famous for its large size and dense occupation of the ancient settlement, as well as spectacular wall paintings and other arts uncovered inside the houses. The website gives insights to researches conducted here, and further readings to those who are interested.

4. Guide to Online Resources

Medieval Science
This page presents a convenient and comprehensive set of links to all Internet resources on aspects of medieval science, both in Western and other cultures. However, you must be prepared to cope with uninvited popup advertisement windows.

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