Thank You!

We are deeply grateful to the many people who have donated time, expertise, and artifacts to the Northampton Silk Project, and to the organizations that have supported our work.

Thank you, Mark and Michelle Aldrich, Ute Bargmann, Barbara Blumenthal, Kathy Bredin, Anna Cadrette, John Carnahan, Marian Conant, Carla Cooke, Walter Denny, Sally Dillon, Elise Feeley, Judith Fine, Jack Finn, Amy Holich, Bill House, Jane Hovde, Camilla Humphrey, Barbara Janssen, Elizabeth Losa, Jody MacKenzie, Fred Morrison, Phyllis Mount, Jim Parsons, Nancy Rich, Harriet Rogers, Laurie Sanders, Julie Sawyer, Revan Schendler, Ann Shanahan, Stan Sherer, George Snook, Steve Strimer,

and The Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities, Smith College, Historic Northampton, and the Florence Civic Center,

and the American Antiquarian Society, the American Textile History Museum, Amherst College,The Baker Library at Harvard Business School, the Brattleboro Historical Society, the Forbes Library in Northampton, the Lilly Library in Florence, the National Museum of American History, the New York Historical Society, the New York Public Library, the University of Massachusetts, the Wisconsin State Historical Society,

and all the speakers in our Brown Bag Lunch Lecture Series

and all the teachers, students, volunteers, and advisers who've been working on the project these five years!

This page was last modified on Monday, August 26, 2002.