About The NSP

The Northampton Silk Project has seventeen components, including the discovery of vanished local history, silk as art and its role in art, the science and technology of silk, an interdisciplinary curriculum project for local schools, and a symposium to be held during the project's culminating year, 2002-03. We are planning:

a display of facts about and artifacts from the local silk industry, 1832-1932, including  working models of some of the early machinery used in this area (a working silk reeling machine has already been built by a group of Smith students, and another group is building a model of an early Jacquard loom.)

an exhibition at the Smith College Museum of Art, "Silk in New England, 1730-1930", prepared by guest curator Madelyn Shaw of the Rhode Island School of Design

an exhibition on the science and technology of silk; participants will include live silkworms

a Silk Project web site (a much-expanded version of the one you are visiting now)

a "Northampton Silk Route" booklet, with a maps, a timeline, and historical information, for a walking & bicycle tour of the silk history sites

multi-disciplinary K-12 local history projects and curricular materials

a symposium that integrates the components and provides a context for them (from the world history of silk to the contemporary global Renaissance)

and other events and materials that will emerge as the project develops and continues to grow.

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