Who's doing what in the Northampton Silk Project?

Component Coordinators (project Steering Committee)

Museum of Art exhibition:
Suzannah Fabing, Director and Chief Curator of the Smith College Museum of Art

Local History and Historic Northampton Exhibition:
Kerry Buckley, Director of Historic Northampton
Paul Gaffney, Director of the Florence Civic Association
Alena Shumway and Revan Schendler

Alan Bloomgarden, Office of Advancement, Smith College

March 2003 Symposium:
Kiki Smith, Professor of Theater, Smith College

Science and Technology:
Marjorie Senechal, Louise Wolff Kahn Professor in Mathematics and History of Science and Technology and Director, Program in the History of Science and Technology, Smith College

Greg Young shows students how to use the loom.

Bicycle/Walking Tour of Silk Sites:
Kiki Smith, Eleanor Lazarus, Amy Holich

Grants Officer:
Alan Bloomgarden

Greg Young, Director of the Clark Science Center Machine Shop, Smith College

Coordinator: Marilyn Smith

K-12 Educators

Elaine Kachavos (JFK Middle School)
Anne Bussler (Conway Elementary School)
Dan Duffy (JFK Middle School)
Michael Sullivan (JFK Middle School)

Smith College Students

In 1998-99, Elizabeth Caton, Vanessa Larson, and Alena Shumway put together the history of the Northampton silk industry (using the resources of the Smith College archives, Forbes Library, and the Daily Hampshire Gazette); they also constructed a working model of an 1830's Piedmont silk reeler.

In 1999-2000, Smith students Alena Shumway and Kim MacDonald were Northampton Silk Project Interns, and Michelle Saunders, Laurel Mutti, and Danielle Solan assisted with research through the STRIDE Scholars Program.

In 2000-01, Kim MacDonald and Sara Howard were Northampton Silk Project Interns, and Crystal Allen and Alexandra Lyon were STRIDE Scholars.

In 2001-02, Alexandra Lyon continued as a STRIDE Scholar.

Local Artists

Sally Dillon (silk)
Stan Sherer (photography)
Ute Bargmann (master weaver)

Silk History Specialists

Madelyn Shaw (textile curator, RISD)
Walter Denny (Art History, UMass)

Local History Specialists

Christopher Clark (Warwick University, author of The Communitarian Moment)
Helen Horowitz (Smith College Professor of American Studies)
David Rossell (wrote his PhD dissertation on the mulberry craze)

Oral History

Camilla Humphrey
Revan Schendler


Jill St. Coeur (Smith College Theater Department)
Nancy Rexford and Lynne Bassett (Old Sturbridge Village)

Science and Technology

Lale Burk (Smith College Chemistry Department)
George Fleck (Smith College Professor of Chemistry)
Aleksander Xhoxhi (silkworm geneticist)
Marian Goldsmith (silkworm geneticist)
Susan McGlew (botanist)
Robert Wilfong (millwright)

Historical Advisors

Richard Lim (Smith College History Department)
Miriam Levin (Case Western Reserve University)
Daryl Hafter (Eastern Michigan University)

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