Corticelli Silk Panel

Corticelli Silk

This panel depicts the famous Corticelli silks of the early 20th century.

The company's logo, the "Corticelli Kitten," became synonymous with quality silk thread. Its sign at 42nd Street and Broadway in New York (1910-1913) was one of the earliest ads on the Great White Way.Times Square, New York City

The Nonotuck, later Coricelli, Silk Company bought all its raw silk from Japan. Its booklet, "SILK, its origin, culture, and manufacture," includes several hand-colored photographs showing Japanese workers raising silkworms and reeling and sorting cocoons.

Japanese Silk Workers

In 1922, the Nonotuck Silk Company merged with the Brainerd and Armstrong Company to form the Corticelli Silk Company; ten years later, the Corticelli Silk Company merged with the Belding-Hemingway Company. Smith student Sarah Homrighausen recreated one of the gowns shown above.

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