Student Papers from History of Science 211
Science, Technology and Silk
Spring semester 1999 and 2000

I.   Science and Silk

The Biology of Bombyx Mori
Deirdre Deegan

Early Dye History and the Introduction of Synthetic Dyes
Meredith Dorner

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II.   Silk in America

Silk in Connecticut
Kim MacDonald

The Harmonists and Their Silk Experience
Kristin Shutts

The Shakers
Ohenewaa Larbi

Shakers and Silk
Aisha Cupid

Becoming Sojourner Truth
Jody Owens

The Development of the Sewing Machine
Liz Land

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III.   Silk Around the World

Silk in England
Alison Baird

Silk in China
Julie Sherman

Silk in Japan
Genevieve Chin and Sindhu Mommaneni

Ikats of Central Asia
Megan Jacobs and Olivia Goldfine

Representation of the French Silk Industry in Diderot's Encyclopedie
Syeda Rubaiyat Hossain

The Lyon Uprisings of 1831 and 1834
Erika Budde

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