Mulberries and silkworms circle the Northampton City seal forever. Northampton Silk on Silk by Sally Dillon

The Northampton Silk Project, host for the symposium Silk Unraveled! (March 28-30, 2003 at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts), culminates a six-year, community-wide effort to uncover, understand and convey the story of silk in this area and its place in the history of silk throughout the world. In addition to the sympsosium, the events include two exhibitions, "From Mulberry to Manufacturing: Northampton Builds an Industry," curated by Alena Shumway at Historic Northampton (March 28 - September 14) and "Silk in New England Society, 1730 - 1930", curated by Madelyn Shaw at the Smith College Museum of Art (March 28 - June 15).

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Project Coordinator:   Marilyn Smith, silk@email.smith.edu

Project Director:    Marjorie Senechal, senechal@smith.edu