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"Silk Unraveled!: Threads of Human History"
edited by Marjorie Senechal



October 13-15, special interdisciplinary symposium
"OF HUMAN BONDAGE: Perspectives on Addiction"
Speakers included Dr. Jerome Jaffe, the first US "drug czar" and former Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse and its Addiction Research Center, and Dr. David Musto, Professor of Child Psychaiatry and History of Medicine at Yale University, author of "The American Disease: origins of narcotic control." A volume of the same title was published in September 2003.
◊ Tuesday November 2
      Eileen Reeves, Department of Comparative Literature
      Princeton University
◊ Tuesday February 8
      Francesca Bray, Department of Anthropology
      University of California at Santa Barbara
◊ The History of Science and Technology program also joined the
      Kahn Liberal Arts Institute in its yearlong celebration of Galileo
      and his contemporaries
      STAR MESSENGER: Galileo at the Millennium


The History of Science and Techology program hosted a series of three lectures by distinguished historians of science and technology:
"FROM COTTAGE TO FACTORY: The Industrial Revolution and Early Technology"
Daryl Hafter, Eastern Michigan University, "The Paradox of Women's Work Before and After Industrialization"
Christopher Clark, University of Warwick (GB), "Early Industry in Rural New England"
Leonard Rosenband, Utah State University, "From Rags to Reams: work and culture in Old Regime papermaking"

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