Method of Construction

Constructed by: Ann Helmold

Well, it's done. It was certainly an incredible experience. Machining the metal parts for the pedal mechanism and the center shaft, pouring the concrete, grinding the sandstone, and drilling endless holes in the frame was certainly an educational experience. I can't believe how long it took to do the simplest thing. Working in the machine shop with all sorts of advanced machinery really gave me an intense appreciation for the work of the ancients. If it took me that long to build a potter's wheel, imagine how long it took the ancients to build one.

The major materials I used were sandstone, concrete, wood, and various chunks of steel that Greg had lying around the shop. I think the project used almost every machine in the shop, but I spent a long time on the milling machine. It can be used as a drill, router, and various and sundry other tools.


Most of my information came from the web. I used a lot of Encyclopedia Britannica information as well as the search engines. Unfortunately, my information came in tiny pieces from varied sources. I did use two books on ancient pottery and civilization. I also got some information from the site


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