Method of Construction

Constructed by: Adrien Hansel '98

This recreation of a mumu was constructed in the traditional way, but some of its ingredients differed, most notably in that there was no pig. I used broken bricks instead of stones, since I found no information on the relevant geology of Papua New Guinea and since I couldn't find any stones strong enough to withstand the heat without cracking or exploding. I cooked yams, potatoes and several non-New Guinean vegetables (string beans, broccoli and parsley), experimenting with the depths at which I cooked them. I cut the vegetables to reduce the cooking time, since there was no pig to be concerned about cooking, and I used different kinds of leaves around the vegetables. Although I had none of the traditional New Guinean leaves that flavor the vegetables and meat, I did notice differences in the tastes of vegetables cooked in different layers of the mumu.

Sources, Resources and Links

Driver, Catherine. "A Highlands Mumu in Papua New Guinea." Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 1988: The Cooking Pot. London: Prospect Books, 1988.

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