Method of Construction

Constructed by: Kristy Beauchesne '97, Niki Bennett '00, and Vanessa King '99

This reconstruction of Heron's slot machine is made of clay, metal, Plexiglas and a bit of silicone for sealing purposes. The base and the top are of clay, their designs taken from the original but slightly modified to accommodate the weakness of unfired clay. The metal coins are recreations of the Egyptian five-drachma bronze coin that would have been used during the heyday of the holy water slot machine. The middle of the slot machine, which held the mechanism that released holy water, was made of Plexiglas and metal. The pan was pounded into the appropriate shape with a hammer and the remaining pieces were cut from metal and soldered together. The entire apparatus was then placed in a Plexiglas container so its inner workings would be visible.

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