Method of Construction

Constructed by: Elaine Totman, ACA, and Liz Tuohy-Sheen, '97

The threads of this screw were turned from solid brass on a lathe. Two box-shaped pans were formed by folding copper sheeting and soldering the edges. A pivot point for the bottom end of the screw to rest on was turned on a lathe and soldered into the base of one of the pans, which were then placed side-by-side, one higher than the other by about three inches. The pan with the pivot point is the lower box, and the point angles upward at approximately forty degrees. A length of copper tubing joins the two pans and provides a way for water to be conserved in the system. The screw rests on the pivot point in the lower pan and is supported at the upper pan by a frame. It is covered in clear plastic to make visible the process by which the water travels up the threads, and a small brass crank was soldered to the top so the screw would be easier to turn.

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