Method of Construction

Constructed by: Denielle Downes '00 and Ava Meyerhoff ''99

To recreate this "battery" we shaped clay into the form of a jar. In order to cut the jar in half, we omitted the firing process and instead shellacked the inside surface to make it non-porous to liquid. Using a band saw, we cut the jar in half to show the inner workings. We then proceeded to use the band saw to cut the copper cylinder, the steel rod (no iron available), and the rubber stopper (no asphalt available!). We also cut a piece of glass with a glasscutter to place over one half of the jar. We epoxied the necessary pieces together. We then filled the jar with vinegar and lo and behold the jar produced 1.1 volts.


James, P. and Thorpe, N. Ancient Inventions. New York: Ballantine Books, 1994

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