Requirements for the Minor

To minor in the History of Science and Technology program, you must complete
    Two courses in the natural or mathematical sciences and two courses in history, chosen in consultation with the student's minor adviser, and two courses in (or cross-listed in) the history of science and technology program.  Normally one of the history of science and technology courses will be Special Studies, 404a or 404b, but another course may be substituted with the approval of the adviser.  Work at the Smithsonian Institution in the Picker Program counts as one course toward the minor.  Students considering a minor in the history of the science and technology are urged to consult with their advisers as early as possible.
For more information please contact:
Jeffry Ramsey
Dewey Hall 2
Smith College (413) 585-3425
or any member of the HSC Faculty.


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PrePPresentation of the Minor

The Presentation of the Minor this year will occur in History of Science and Technology classes and cross listed classes.

If you are interested in becoming a minor, please contact Jeff Ramsey, program director, or any of the other members of the program.