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Adviser for study away: Marnie Anderson


The history department encourages all students to consider studying abroad, especially in an institution that teaches in a language other than English.

A student planning to study away from Smith during the academic year or during the summer must consult with a departmental adviser concerning rules for granting credit toward the major or the degree. Students must consult with the departmental adviser for study away both before and after their participation in Junior Year Abroad programs.

In recent years History majors and minors have studied on Smith's own Junior Year Abroad Programs in:

They have also studied on consortial programs in:

They have also studied independently in:

For more information on these and other programs, visit the Study Abroad Office and consult with seniors who have returned from study elsewhere. As most programs are not designed specifically for History majors, it is necessary for the student to consult closely with the Adviser for Study Away.

Courses taken abroad must be approved to count toward the History major or minor after they have been completed. This is a separate process from the awarding of overall credit toward a Smith degree. Students present a petition through their adviser, with supporting documentation on the courses. The basic rule is that such courses should be roughly equivalent to a Smith course in reading, writing, and class time. For further details on petitioning, please consult an adviser.

The same petition process governs other courses taken outside Smith, including at institutions in the United States during a summer or on an exchange program or during a semester of independent study or before transferring to Smith or before becoming an Ada Comstock Scholar.