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The Thomas Corwin Mendenhall Prize

With the support of the Alumnae Association, this prize is awarded annually for an essay written within the current or the three preceding semesters in a regular history course. Essays originally submitted in seminars, for special studies or as honors theses are not eligible. If an essay was written in response to a specific question or problem posed by an instructor, the stated assignment should be submitted along with the essay.

A hard copy of the essay should indicate for which course and in which semester it was originally written and should be submitted to the Department of History, Wright Hall 227, by Friday, April 27, clearly identified as submissions for the Mendenhall Prize competition. A student may submit no more than one essay for the competition.

Recent Recipients

Deirdre Murphy 2018, Tanvi Kapoor 2017, Mallory Strider 2016, Catherine Bradley 2015, Calla Bowles (Cade Johnson) 2014, Kathleen Higgins 2013, Abigail Cooper 2011, Lauren Woodward 2011, Laura Putnam 2010, Carolyn Baldwin 2009, Alana Speth 2008, Indigo Pfaff-Powers 2006, Stephanie Renaud 2006, Tasha Chemel 2007, Diana H. Lee 2004, Georgi Vogel-Rosen 2005, Clare Kelly-Barra AC 2002, Marin Kress 2003, Hannah Freed-Thall 2002, Jessica deCourcy Hinds 2000, Kathleen Wildman 2000, Melissa Eblen 1999, Amy Tanzer 1998, Carra Taylor 1997 and Gretchen Geser 1997.

Gladys Lampert and Edward Beenstock Prize

This prize is awarded for the best honors thesis in American studies or American history. Interested students should submit their theses no later than Friday, April 27, to either Terie Fleury, secretary of the American studies department, Wright Hall 224, or Lyn Minnich, secretary of the History department, Wright Hall 227.

Recent Recipients

Samantha Page 2017, Madison Tierney 2016, Ana Darrow 2015, Jeanna Lowrey 2014, Kayla Ginsburg 2013 and Lisbet Portman 2013,  Kaitlin Hovanes 2012, Ceilidh Auger-Day 2011, Leah Sakala 2011, Laura Putnam 2010, Olivia Cummings 2009, Kathryn Sutton 2008, Jennifer La Bruto 2007 and Sophia Lenarz-Coy 2007, Elizabeth Lerner 2005 and Jacqueline Shine 2005, Laura Cutter 2004, Christina Renee Lehman 2003, Rebecca Orsogna 2002, Kimberly Buchanan Marlowe 2001, Laurel Lee Powers 2000 and Kristin Sparks 2000 and Dara Weinerman 2000, Amanda Izzo 1999, Renée Shane Landrum 1998 and Lauren Brown 1998, Melissa Naulin 1997 and Gina Rourke 1996.

Vera Lee Brown Prize

This prize is awarded for excellence in history to a senior majoring in history in the regular course.

Recent Recipients

Emily Hamilton, Elizabeth Haas and Sara Ramasastry, 2017, Kathleen Higgins and Sadie Gold-Shapiro, 2016, Elaine Kuoch 2015, Noa Gutterman 2014, Zoe Gioja 2013, Julia Hladky 2013, Kaitlin Hovanes 2012, Emma Forrest 2011, Margaret Helming 2011, Lena Eckert-Erdheim 2011, Anna Cressotti 2010 and Melissa Redwood 2010, Elizabeth Crews 2009, Adrian Comly 2008 and Eleanor Jefferson 2008 and Gabrielle Thal-Pruzan 2008, Melody Sabine 2007, Christina Arrison 2006, Emily Merrill 2005 and Bethany Miller 2005, Heather Ortiz 2004 and Eleanor Rivera 2004, Ann Lynch 2003, Rebecca Hurst 2002J, Jack Slowriver 2001, Stacey Jurewicz 2000, Marta Schaaf 1999, (honorable mention to Natalie Belanger 1999), Amy Tanzer 1998 and Alethea Oliver-Olsen 1998, Story Matkin-Rawn 1997 and Robin Reid 1997J, Nicole Pelletier 1996J and Ann Silverman 1996J.

The Merle Curti Prize

This prize is awarded for the best piece of writing on any aspect of American civilization.  Interested students should submit an electronic copy of their writing (one essay per student), no later than Friday, April 27, to Lyn Minnich, secretary of the History department, wright Hall 227.

Recent Recipients
Evelyn Parker 2018, Emily Hamilton and Elizabeth Nolasco, 2017, Catherine Bradley, Sarah Goldberg and Maggie King, 2016, Tanvi Kapoor 2015, Julia Fernandez 2014.

Hazel L. Edgerly Prize

This prize is awarded to a senior honors history student for distinguished work in that subject.

Recent Recipients

Katherine Krygowski 2018, Jiaying Xu 2017, Madison White 2016, Chloe Vaughn 2015, Jennifer Guerin 2014, Tosca Fischer 2013, Kristen Connor 2012, Katey Pillars 2011, Anna White-Nockleby 2009, Elizabeth Williams 2008, JoAnna Wall 2007, Jaci Eisenberg 2006, Maureen McElligott 2005, Helen Keremedjiev 2004, Uzma Burney 2003 and Christina Renee Lehmann 2003, Alexia Yates 2002 and Caroline Hasenyager 2002, Erin McKim 2001, Erin Park 2000 and Dara Weinerman 2000, Theodosia Hashagen 1998, Hannah Stott-Bumsted 1997, and Donna Cacace 1996.