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Peter Gunn

email Send E-mail office Office:Office hours held in classroom, Wright 238. If classroom is in use the alternate space will be the Campus Center Cafe. phone Phone: 529-3769 Williston Office
Office Hours: Not teaching in Spring 2016

Peter Gunn majored in government and education at Dartmouth College and went on to earn his M.Ed. at Harvard University. He was elected to the history and social sciences faculty at the Williston Northampton School in 1985. Prior to coming to Williston, Gunn served as a teaching fellow at the Northfield Mount Hermon School. At Williston, he has held the Henry and Judith Zachs Chair in history and economics and served twice as department head. He teaches U.S. history (standard and AP), economics (standard and AP) and The Constitution and students' rights. He coaches squash and softball and serves as a dorm parent for a 9th–grade boys dormitory. He also serves as a district coordinator and institute mentor for the Center for Civic Education.

"I teach because I am interested in change. Teaching stimulates change by developing each student's latent capacities into potent capabilities. The ability to examine the world, to understand society and to articulate ideas empowers young people as citizens. I teach history, economics and government because I am curious about why things are and how they might become. Learning history is an opportunity to gain wisdom in the vigorous pursuit of the truth. More than simply developing their capabilities, I try to inspire curiosity and persistence within my students. In those moments teaching is a powerful way to 'do good well' and to encourage young people to do so as well."