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History students at Smith choose from more than 50 courses taught by active scholars. The department offers classes in the ancient Mediterranean world, medieval and modern Europe, the United States, the Middle East, East Asia, Latin America and Africa.


Jeffrey Ahlman
Associate Professor

Marnie Anderson
Associate Professor

Ernest Benz
Associate Professor

Joshua C. Birk
Associate Professor

Darcy C. Buerkle
Associate Professor, Chair

Daniel K. Gardner
Dwight W. Morrow Professor of History

Sergey Glebov
Associate Professor

Jennifer Guglielmo
Associate Professor

Richard Lim

Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor
Associate Professor


Visiting and Adjunct Faculty


Research Associates

Sharon Farmer

Dagmar Herzog


John Higgins


Marshall Poe

Marylynn Salmon

Revan Schendler

John Sears

Michael Staub

Kenneth Stow

Robert Weir

Colleen Woods







Joan Afferica
L. Clark Seelye Professor Emerita of History

Robert Haddad
Sophia Smith Professor Emeritus of History and Professor Emeritus of Religion and Biblical Literature

Daniel Horowitz
Mary Huggins Gamble Professor Emeritus

Helen Horowitz
Sydenham Clark Parsons Professor of History Emerita

Lester Little
Dwight W. Morrow Professor Emeritus of History

Howard Nenner
Roe/Straut Professor Emeritus in the Humanitities (History)

David Newbury
Professor of History, Emeritus

Neal Salisbury
Barbara Richmond 1940 Professor Emeritus in the Social Sciences (History)

Joachim Stieber
Professor Emeritus of History

R. Jackson Wilson
Sydenham Clark Parsons Professor Emeritus of History

Ann Zulawski
Sydenham C. Parsons Professor of History and Latin American Studies