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History Department Courses 2018-2019


Fall 2018


HST 150 (L) The Historian's Craft
Joshua Birk


HST 200 (L) Modern East Asia

Marnie Anderson, Ernest Benz


HST 206 (C) Aspects of Ancient History

Topic: Rome, Late Antiquity, and The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Frederick McGinness


HST 208 (L) The Making of the Modern Middle East
Tanya Lawrence

HST 209 (C) Aspects of Middle Eastern History

Topic: In Search of Modern Iran: From the Safavids to the Islamic Republic

Tanya Lawrence


HST 211 (L) The Emergence of China

Daniel K. Gardner


HST 240 (C) Stalin and Stalinism

Sergey Glebov


HST 249 (L) Early Modern Europe 1600-1815

Ernest Benz


HST 253 (L) Women and Gender in Contemporary Europe

Darcy Buerkle


HST 258 (L) Modern Africa

Jeffrey Ahlman


HST 259 (C) Aspects of African History

Topic: Decolonization, Nation and Political Imagination in Africa

Jeffrey Ahlman


HST 262 (C) The History of the N Word: Race Language and Violence in the United States

Elizabeth Pryor


HST 263 (C) Aspects of Latin American History

Topic: Women and Gender in Latin America

Diana Sierra Becerra


HST 265 (L) Citizenship in the United States, 1776-1861

Holger Droessler

HST 267 (L) United States since 1877

Holger Droessler


HST 313 (S) Problems in East Asian History

Topic: Remembering the Asia-Pacific War

Marnie Anderson


HST 355 (S) Topics in Social History

Topic: Women and World War I: The Smith College Relief Unit

Jennifer Hall-Witt


HST 390 (S) Teaching History
Peter Gunn


HST 399 Historical Pedagogy

Joshua Birk


Cross Listed Courses - Fall 2018

AFR 202 (L) Topics in Africana Studies
Topic: The Black Archive
Samuel Ng

AFR 370 (S) Modern Southern Africa

Louis Wilson


FYS 142 Reacting to the Past
Joshua Birk

REL 221 (L) Philosophers and Mystics

Lois Dubin


Five College Courses - Fall 2018


Amherst College
Hist-236 01 F18- Soviet Union During the Cold War
Sergey Glebov


Spring 2019



HST 212 China in Transformation, A.D. 750-1900

Daniel K. Gardner


HST 226 (L) Renissance and the Reformation? Europe in the Late Middle Ages: Society, Culture and Politics
Joshua Birk


HST 227 (C) Aspects of Medieval European History

Topic: Magic in the Middle Ages

Joshua Birk


HST 235 (L) Independent Africa: A Social and Cultural History

Jeffrey Ahlman


HST 236 (L) World History 1000-2000: The European Millennium?

Ernest Benz


HST 241 (L) Soviet Union in the Cold War

Sergey Glebov


HST/LAS 264 (C) Aspects of Latin American History
Topic: Women and Revolutions
Diana Sierra Becerra


HST 266 (L) Emancipation and the Afterlife of Slavery

Elizabeth Pryor


HST 270 (C) Aspects of American History

Topic: Gender and U.S. Imperialism

Holger Droessler


HST 280 (C) Inquiries Into U.S. Social History

Topic: Wastelands to Wal-Mart: Labor and Capitalism in the U.S.

Holger Droessler


HST 281 (L) South Asian Pasts and Presents

Abhilash Medhi


HST 282 (C) Pacific Worlds

Holger Droessler


HST 286 (C) Recent Historiographic Debates in Gender and Sexuality

Darcy Buerkle


HST 343 (S) Problems in World History

Topic: Twentieth-Century Revolutions

Jeffrey Ahlman


HST 371 (S) Problems in 19th-Century United States History

Topic: Remembering Slavery A Gendered Reading of the WPA Interviews

Elizabeth Pryor



Cross Listed Courses - Spring 2018


AFR 289 (C) Race, Feminism and Resistance in Movements for Social Change
Samuel Ng

AFR 366 (S) Contemporary Topics in Afro-American Studies
Topic: The Politics of Grief
Samuel Ng


AMS 302 (S) The Material Culture of New England, 1630-1860
Barbara Mathews


ARX 340 (S) Taking The Archives Public

Kelly P. Anderson


ENV 230 (C) Environment and Society in Contemporary China
Daniel K. Gardner

JUD 287 The Holocaust

Justin Cammy, Ernest Benz

REL 223 (L) The Modern Jewish Experience

Lois Dubin


SWG 270 (C) Oral History and Lesbian Subjects

Kelly Anderson


Five College Courses - Spring 2019


Amherst College
Sergey Glebov


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