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Check for important vaccine information and health advisories on the CDC Travel Health website HERE. For information about finding YELLOW FEVER VACCINE, go here.




College Insurance:

The Smith College BCBS Student Blue Insurance Plan covers the cost of the MeningitisB vaccine at 100%.


Here's how the insurance reimbursement process works for students with college insurance:


Charges for the vaccine are billed to BCBS directly, and the charge is posted to your Smith financial account. This charge will be offset once we receive reimbursement from BCBS, usually within 3 weeks from the date the charge was posted.


Private Insurance:

We will mail an insurance claim form to you via campus mail, along with instructions for completing the form. Please submit the completed claim form directly to the Claims Department of your insurance company.


If the charge is not covered by insurance, please makes checks payable to Smith College and mail to the office of Student Financial Services.


We are not able to bill your private insurance. We are happy to answer questions about the process.


Please refer to insurance information, HERE.

For an insurance authorization form, go HERE.



Please call 413-585-2250 during our regular hours, Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm.


For information about Meninigitis, Meningitis Vaccine Requirements and the 5-College area outbreak, please see our Health Resources Page.


vaccine clinicS & COMMUNITY HEALTH ALERT: MARCH 23, 2018


We are pleased to announce further Meningitis B Vaccine Clinics.

All Day Wednesday April 4, 2018

Every Thursday from April 5th to May 3rd.

SIGN UP HERE for your appointment


For information about Meningitis B vaccine insurance coverage, please see News Alerts on our homepage HERE.





1. Most college students are NOT protected against MeningitisB.

2. We advise students to receive BOTH MeningitisACWY and MeningitisB vaccines.

3. Students can check their immunization status on our patient portal.

4. YES. Insurance covers the vaccines. (You may need to submit paperwork.)

5. YES. We have vaccine. We will provide vaccine by appointment or special clinic.

6. Students can get vaccine at most retail pharmacies. Bring your insurance card.

7. CVS pharmacies in Northampton and Amherst have vaccine.

8. Students should fax proof of immunization to 413-585-4639.

9. Students should check their vaccine history with their home doctors

10. BE HEALTHSMART to prevent meningitis!


For more FAQ's and information, go HERE

For insurance information, go HERE




Today, we were notified that a Smith College student was diagnosed with a bacterial meningitis infection. The student, who resides off-campus, is hospitalized and receiving appropriate care. The College is working closely with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) to notify and treat any individuals who were in close contact with the student. At this time, officials have not determined whether this case is related to the 2017 meningitis outbreak at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


We are committed to providing the Smith community with prompt information and options for care if needed. We will continue to provide updates through email and this website as soon as information becomes available, including updates on potential vaccination clinics once the DPH has identified the specific strain of meningitis.


SIGNS OF MENINGITIS can be distinguished from other illnesses by their severity. Symptoms tend to occur suddenly and worsen dramatically over hours or days. They include a combination of sudden and extreme symptoms that interfere with normal functioning, such as severe headache, sensitivity to light, high fever, purple rash, very stiff neck so that the head cannot be turned or bent toward the chest, confusion, delirium, and mood changes. We encourage students to contact us with any symptoms right away.


We encourage all students to be vaccinated against Meningitis.


Students with private insurance should call their insurance company to check about coverage. For insurance information, go HERE.


Students can check their vaccination status on the patient portal. We will continue to carry all forms of meningitis vaccine at the Schacht Center as we are able. Students can also receive vaccine at their Primary Care office, most large retail pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens, and walk in clinics. For details about vaccine, please see below, under "Meningitis B outbreak at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst Fall 2017."


We remain committed to your wellbeing and keeping you informed. Please contact us at 413-585-2250 if we can be of assistance.



Meningitis B Outbreak at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Fall 2017


In November 2017, Nearby UMASS Amherst announced an official outbreak of Meningitis Type B. At The Schacht Center, we outreached to the entire student body in late October and began offering vaccine in an effort to protect and educate our community about this serious illness. Meningitis B clinics will continue throughout the year as supply allows. Meningitis B vaccine is new since 2014, and has not been routinely recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or required for college entrance in Massachusetts. Quadrivalent, MenACWY or MCV4 forms of vaccine, such as Menveo, Menactra, or Menomune, do NOT protect against Meningitis Type B. Therefore, we urge all students to get vaccinated with Meningitis B vaccine, brand Trumenba (normally a 2-dose series, but is a 3 dose series during an outbreak) or Bexsero (a 2 dose series). Smith College Insurance covers this vaccine, and most private insurers are covering it due to the outbreak.


Students who started the series of vaccine at The Schacht Center can obtain additional doses off campus using these vaccine finder, trumenba finder, or Bexsero finder tools.


For more information, see The CDC website, our Meningitis FAQs and COMMUNITY MENINGITIS updates.


We encourage students with private insurance to contact their insurance provider regarding coverage of Meningitis B vaccine. Please see this Meningitis B Insurance Authorization form.


An Important Announcement regarding Allergy Shots

Effective May 2018 The Schacht Center for Health and Wellness and Pelham Medical Center will no longer offer allergy immunotherapy treatment, including injection or sublingual therapy, commonly referred to as "Allergy Shots." Students and families are urged to review our full announcement and contact LOCAL ALLERGISTS to set up care now.