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Medical Services

2015-16 On Campus Medical and Counseling Service Charges

Prices are subject to change without notice if warranted by circumstances beyond our control.

Student Insurance Plan Optional On-Campus Plan Private Insurance
Medical and Counseling Service Visits No Charge No Charge No Charge
Vaccinations Most covered
(prices below)
Billed to student
(prices below)
Billed to student
(prices below)
Health Service Nutritionist Covered Covered $75 per visit
Allergy Injections Covered Covered $10 each/$20 maximum

Laboratory Tests

Chemistry Screen Covered Covered $53
Chlamydia Test Covered Covered $64
Complete Blood Counts (CBC) Covered Covered $35
Monospot (mono) Covered Covered $45
Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Covered Covered $22
Gonorrhea Test Covered Covered $64
Hemoccult Stool Test Covered Covered $10
Herpes PCR test of lesion Covered Covered $298
Pap Smear Covered Covered $66
HIV Test Covered Cover $53
Pregnancy Test (Urine) No Charge No charge No charge
Rapid Strep Test Covered Covered $42
Stool Culture Covered Covered $80 to $140
Syphilis Test (RPR) Covered Covered $20
Throat Culture Covered Covered $36
Thyroid Test (TSH) Covered Covered $69
Urinalysis Covered Covered $25
Urine Culture With Sensitivity Covered Covered $30 to $130
Vaginal Wet Prep Analysis Covered Covered $22
All other laboratory tests Covered Billed per test Per test


Allergy Injection (one) Covered Covered $10
Allergy Injection (two or more) Covered Covered $20
Air Cast $50 $50 $50
Crutches $25
Dressings Covered Covered $20
Nebulizer Treatment Covered Covered $20
PPD No charge No charge No charge
Splinter Remover No charge No charge No charge
Suture Removal No charge No charge No charge
Wart Treatment Covered Covered $50


Most vaccinations are covered by the Student Medical Insurance Plan (but not the Optional Plan). The cost of vaccinations, subject to change, is:

Hepatitis A $75 each
Hepatitis B $60 each
Meningitis $120
MMR $60
Polio (IPV) $30
Tetanus $25
Tdap (tetanus/pertussis) $50
HPV $185 each
Typhoid $85
Varicella $110