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Medical Services

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The Pelham Medical Service provides appropriate, comprehensive medical services to address the needs of college students.

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Sharing Medical Information:

If you have been seen by another healthcare provider, please sign a medical RELEASE so that we can continue to provide appropriate care for you.


(Examples: being seen for specialty care; physical exam; illness; injury; immunization; emergency room; admitted to the hospital; visits in a walk in/urgent care clinic; labs, x-rays or other tests performed outside of our office)


Our Services

See Current Fees for costs and coverage on the student health plan, the optional plan and private insurance.

Reproductive Health Services

These services include annual Pap testing (beginning at age 21), sexually transmitted infection screening, contraception, pregnancy testing, evaluation of vaginal infections and evaluation of menstrual irregularities.

Demystifying your first pelvic exam

Contraceptive services: educating and prescribing: birth control pills, vaginal rings, depo provera injections and emergency contraception. Referrals for IUDs and implants.

Birth control options at Smith College Health Services

Screening for sexually transmitted infections: CDC recommends annual Chlamydia testing (which can be done by collecting a urine specimen) and HIV testing (a blood test).

International Travel

In addition to completing pre-travel forms such as needed for JYA, Health Services will review the health issues and needs in your proposed itinerary, whether it be academic related or personal. Necessary immunizations will be recommended and administered, and medications, such as malaria prophylaxis, prescribed.


Immunizations include tetanus; measles, mumps, rubella (MMR); influenza; meningitis; hepatitis A; hepatitis B; Typhim VI; polio injections; and HPV.

Prescription Medications

Starter doses of some medications are stocked at Health Services and will be dispensed by staff when appropriate. Prescriptions need to be filled at a local pharmacy and paid for by the student.

Nutrition Services

Our licensed nutritionist is available weekly by referral only through Health Services, athletics or dining. The nutritionist advises on general nutrition, vegetarian diets, eating disorders, weight management, elevated cholesterol, anemia and more.

Allergy Injections



Students are encouraged to seek care at one of the ALLERGY PROVIDERS in the area.


Allergy injections are given by appointment only. Before injections can be given, a physician's order (which includes the schedule for administration and instructions in case of adverse reactions and missed doses) along with the allergy intake form must be received and reviewed by the nurse practitioner or physician. New allergy patients need to receive their first two allergy injections at their allergist's office. All students must wait in Health Services for 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the allergist's recommendation, after receiving allergy injections.

Allergy serum may be stored in the Health Services refrigerator during the school year. Be sure to make arrangements to pick up serum and allergy injection records prior to any long-term departure. Health Services is not open during vacations; therefore, it may not be possible to retrieve serum or records left behind. Health Services does not mail any serum. Health Services will not give any allergy injections when the serum contains bee, wasp or insect venom.

HIV Testing

Confidential HIV testing is available at Health Services during regular clinic hours by appointment.

Non-College Health Providers

If you wish to see a non-college health care provider for a service not provided at Health Services, you may request a referral. For students enrolled in the full Smith College Student Health Insurance, the cost of a visit to a specialist may be covered by this plan. Such consultation must be authorized by a college practitioner before the visit. For students enrolled in other insurance plans (optional student health insurance or private insurance), it is the student's responsibility to determine whether or not the referral will be covered.