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Hi, my name is Altagracia Peralta and I am 16 years old. I live in Queens, New York. I love to dance and watch lots of movies. I love playing with my two dogs and I love spending time with my family. The reason I decided to take this course is because it has to deal with women's health and I felt it was interesting to learn about women around the world and there is a lot to talk about.

My name is Claudia Torres and I'm from Union, New Jersey. I'm fifteen years old and will be a sophomore in the fall. In my free time I enjoy reading, listening to music, and dancing. I chose to take the Global Young Woman's Health course because medicine and health have always fascinated me. By taking this course, I hope to become more aware of the different problems facing women worldwide.



Name: Amy Frenkel
Age: 14
Hometown: Plymouth, Minnesota

I am a rising freshman and currently live in Minnesota. In my free time I enjoy playing basketball, softball, the flute, and doing flying trapeze. I have one older brother who will be attending Harvey Mudd in California this fall and a younger sister who will be in 6th grade at the beginning of the school year; not to forget my 3 year old cockapoo named Cooper. Next year I will be a freshman and I'm not sure what I want to do when I grow up. This being said, I came to
Smith with the hope to explore a wide variety of topics regarding science and hopefully leave with a desire to continue to pursue a subject that I enjoyed learning about. I choose Global Young Women's Health as one of my classes because I feel that as a young woman I should know more than I currently do about my own health as well as the health of other young women around the word.

Hi! My name is Erika Lopez and I am fourteen years old. This coming year, I'll be a sophomore at Brooklyn Technical High School in my hometown, Brooklyn, New York. At home I am a ballet dancer, a classical guitarist, and a total book nerd.
In terms of why I chose this course, it was because it related to my interest in health and medicine. Around the young age of five, I realized that I wanted to be doctor, with the sole motive being my love of science and a strong will to help others. I did not yet grasp the concept of money. As the years passed, and after many visits to my own doctor, it dawned on me that I could be a pediatrician. After all, I was one of few among my friends who actually enjoyed being around children; the reason probably resulting from my being an only child and not understanding the so-called struggles that my friends with siblings endured. I continued to look for opportunities to pursue science, leading me to SSEP. Upon reading descriptions of courses at SSEP, I knew that By Girls for Girls: Global Young Womens Health was exactly what interested me. And thus, here I am, hoping to be a better global citizen by the culmination of this course.





My name is Imani Sherley and I am fifteen years old. I live in Boston Massachusetts and I think it is one of the greatest cities in the world. When I am not at school I enjoy writing, singing, working in theater, and going to the movies with my dad. I chose the Young Women's Health course because no matter what career I end up pursuing, I think it is important for me to be aware of the status of young women around the world, as a young woman and as a global citizen. I also want to use the information I've gained from this experience to find my own way to support causes encouraging the advancement, health, and safety of women everywhere.
Name: Limairy Rodriguez
Hometown: Pharr, Tx.
About me: Silence is better than a billion words without a meaning. Spanish was my first language; I would love to become a nurse practitioner! Oh and I enjoy eating chocolate:).
Why I am here: I chose this course because it can open my eyes to the world around me and benefit me for the career I'd like to pursue.




Madison Hope Abbott
Age: 15
Hometown: McAllen, Texas

My name is Madison Abbott, I am the daughter of Cole and Maricruz Abbott, and I am fifteen years old. I was born on April 25, 1997 in McAllen, Texas. I am currently attending the International Baccalaureate Program at Lamar Academy/ McAllen High School, and I am a rising sophomore. Outside of school, I love to participate in sports. I am currently in the McAllen Swim Club and this year I will be on the McAllen High School swim team as well. Ever since I was a little kid, I had a love for school fostered by my parents, especially my mother, who spent hours of her
time teaching me how to read, write, and count, before I even started school. My plans for the future are to survive the International Baccalaureate Program and get my diploma, then go to a prestigious college and pursue a degree in. . . still trying to figure that out. . . I guess I will just have to see where life takes me. I decided to take Global Young Women's Health because I am very passionate about women having equal opportunity as men and I believe that poor health is a result from gender discrimination. By taking this course, I can gain more knowledge on these issues, why they happen, what can be done, and what I can do about it.

Name: Maureen McCord
Age: 15, a rising junior in high school
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
I love learning, Virginia Woolf, indie rock, Doctor Who, interesting ice-breaker questions, and gluten free tater tots with gouda cheese from a restaurant called Seva in Ann Arbor. I have no favorite color and have never owned a video game console. If I could make any vegetable any I color I would turn cauliflower into all the colors of the rainbow.

I want to be an anthropology professor one day, and I think that public health is one of the most interesting fields associated with anthropology, so I chose Global Young Women's Health in order to begin to familiarize myself with some public health issues.

Name: Sharon Lenh
Age: 16 (and a half)
Grade: 11 (junior)
Interests/Hobbies: Baking, helping my dad cook, stuffed animals, ice cream, cookies, starbucks frappucino (Vanilla Bean & Mocha Cookie Crumble), tennis, jogging, bread, potatoes, anything Disney, watching TV, spending time with family, food-related things, inspirational quotes
Why am I in Global Young Women Health?: I am in this course because I am interested in going into the pharmacy field. I also want to familiarize myself with health-related issues (even more so because it is about young girls from around the world). I feel like it is an interesting topic that has been neglected.
Name: Akosua A. A. Addai.
Age: 15
Hometown: Ghana, Kumasi
Bio: Roses are red, Violets are blue, we are all God's perfect creations, I hope you know that too(!!!) As you must have already realized I love being myself. Like it or not it is my signature talk. Okay so now you must know I am an independent girl who thrives hard each day to succeed in life. I am a fan of fun and an advocate for those I love. I always play the role where I am never forgotten call me the "protagonist." So as you read this 'bio' remember my name "Akosua".
Reason for taking the class: I have heard stories upon stories on the issues women face in life and I have always asked myself if there was a way I could help them. Now, here I am trying to make it right because it's no one's fault; it could just have easily been me, you or you.....


Name: Estel Chang
Age: 16 (Going into grade 11)
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada

I was born and raised in Daegu, Korea and I moved to Canada at the age of eight. I will be celebrating my eighth year studying abroad in just few months. I developed a special interest in psychology and biology, even though I am still open to learning about history and literature. During my leisure time, I like to take/edit my photos, play guitar, and listen to music. Despite being uncertain about which university or which major I am going to choose, I am definitely excited to discover what the unknown future holds.
Why I chose this course: A year ago, I read an article regarding a 2-year old Chinese girl killed in a car accident in China. The appalling feature of this news was that none of the bystanders called for help. I hope the Global Young Women's Health course will be my fundamental first step for me in learning how to broaden my understanding of women's health. Through numerous discussions with my professor, intern, and peers, I also hope to achieve greater clarity around my own values.




Hi, my name is Puja Singh, I am 19 years old, and from Bodhgaya, India. I chose this class because I want to become a social worker and work in public health. I am interested in knowing more about women's health.


Hello. My name is Magdalena Ramirez and I am from San Juan, Texas. I am an incoming junior to PSJA T-STEM Early College High School. I am 16 years old and highly motivated to learn more about health related topics. I live very near the border with Mexico and have majority of my family there. I choose this class because of many cases I've seen in which young women suffer due to lack of medical attention. This motivates me to excel further and one day become a gynecologist. This class will expand my knowledge in these areas and expose me not only to young women's health in my area and country, but the whole world.

Name: Victoria Jones
Age: 15
Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

Hobbies/Likes: playing basketball, watching Arkansas Razorback football and baseball, looking at the night sky with my telescope, making videos with my friends, watching the Boston Celtics

Why I picked GYWH: I am trying to decide what career path I want to follow. I have narrowed it down to astrophysics and medical research. I wanted to try both fields so I signed up for Astronomy the first two weeks and Global Young Women's Health the second two weeks. This will help me decide what career path I want to follow.



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