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Alexis BarkerHello, my name is Alexis Barker. I chose to attend SSEP, since it is a science program, because I aspire to go into the field of medicine when I am older. I want to become a surgeon, though I am unsure what kind of surgeon at the moment. . I am lucky because I attend a school for those who dream of one day going into the medical field. My teachers and principal are very supportive of my dream and give me the courage to never give up. I also have a loving and caring family by my side whom are very confident in me and my dream. While there are many reasons I wish to be a surgeon, there are two reasons that are most important to me. The first reason being that I will have the opportunity to help people and save an innumerable amount of lives. Secondly, since I grew up in the city of Detroit, it would be a way to prove that even a women coming from somewhere know as one of the worst cities in the country can excel and do something extraordinary that can support my family. I know from personal experience how tough it can be for residents of the city, especially women, to get a well paying job that will support their families. A high percentage of people living in Detroit are unemployed or have very low paying jobs. I also know that it is not just Detroit who struggles with high unemployment rates. In poorer countries like India, unemployment rates are even more staggering. This may not pertain to my goal in life, but I have always wished there was some way I could help. This is why I chose to conduct my research on job opportunities that are available to women.


CarolineMy name is Caroline Verrecchia. I am fourteen years old and a rising sophomore from Virginia. I came to SSEP this summer because I am extremely interested in science and I am really interested in becoming a science teacher, or at least something along those lines. I am interested in becoming a science teacher because I am very passionate about science and would love to empower people to show how problems can be solved through science and education-separately and together. I have an awesome support system from my community and family (wonderful parents, two amazing sisters and world's cutest dog!) both of which encourage me to follow my passion in science. Thus, for my research topic I chose the education inequity between males and females in Pakistan. I strongly believe in the human right to an education and one that is equal for both girls and boys. I feel as though through an education one can be empowered to change the world around them and fight the oppression around them-especially the oppression of women.


ChristineCaiHi, my name is Christine Cai and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I attended SSEP at Smith College because science has always intrigued and fascinated me. Since I was young, I had dreamed of becoming a doctor because helping others has always brought me great joy. For my second session at SSEP, I chose to take the Global Young Women's Health course, where I was introduced to the topic obstetric fistula, a condition in which a hole forms between the uterus and the bladder and/or the uterus and the rectum. I then chose it as my research topic because I was appalled at how many people are affected in developing countries throughout the world.


Ellie BernsteinMy name is Ellie Bernstein. I am 15 years old and have lived in and around Seattle, Washington all my life. I came to SSEP because, for as long as I can remember, I've had a love for science. When I was four years old and every other little girl I knew wanted to grow up to be a princess or a fairy, I told my parents that I was going to be a doctor. My specific goals may vary day to day (from becoming a biomedical engineer to being the female version of my personal hero Dr. Paul Farmer, for instance) I've never wavered in my dream of going into medicine. I chose the topic of HIV/AIDS for my research for many reasons - more than I could possibly go into here. The most important reason I chose this topic, though, is that HIV/AIDS is a disease that, in wealthy countries, can easily be turned from a death sentence to a chronic illness and yet well over a million people died from AIDS just last year. This is a horrible atrocity and injustice. At some point I would like to travel to Haiti, Africa or India (the subject of my research) to fight HIV/AIDS face to face, but until then I'll spend my time learning all I can about this deadly enemy.


Hannah HuhHi, my name is Hannah Huh. I'm from Iowa, and I'm a rising freshman this year. Although I'm not sure what particular field I'd like to go into later, I have always had an interest in science and I want to learn more about the different fields of science; This is why I came to SSEP! I wanted the opportunity to be able to learn more about topics that I normally would not be able to learn about in school. In By Girls For Girls Global, I've learned a lot about the status of women around the world and how so many injustices are committed against them, and I've found what we've learned so far truly fascinating. For my research topic, I chose to write about the "missing women" in the world. In many places of the world the male to female ratio is very unbalanced, meaning that there are much less women -- called " missing women" -- in the population than there should be. I chose this topic because it captures a lot of what we have covered in this class and is very interesting because it emphasizes the prevalence of the problem of gender discrimination. I also am very interested in this topic because it involves such a variety of economic, cultural, and societal factors that must be considered.


Janae MitchellHi, my name is Janae Mitchell. I am seventeen years old and I live in Tennessee. My interests are spending time with my love ones, reading, and enjoying life. My goals are to become a forensic scientist, a pharmacist, and later on in life a marriage counselor. I attending SSEP in hopes that it would help that it would teach me some valuable skills to take into the science field. The program did just that. I also came here just to get an idea of the college life. During these two weeks at Smith, I have really enjoyed this course. I have learned a lot of more information and I was refreshed up on information I already knew. I feel this course have giving me even more knowledge to have a productive and safe life once I depart from Smith. I value everything I have learned and I want to thank my professor and TA in advance for making me a better-rounded young lady. For my final project, I decided to dig deeper into the topic of rape. I choose the country South Africa just to take the issue on a global level. I chose this topic because it's a topic people do not discuss due to shame, and dim-witted mindset. I hope my presentation brings to issue to the forefront of your mind and I hope you want to make a difference like I do. Remember you can not change the world however you can change what is in reach of you.



My name is Katie Herthel. I'm fifteen years old and a rising sophomore. I currently live in Brussels, Belgium, but I've grown up all over, so I'm not exactly from anywhere. I'm interested in biological sciences, and in particular, public health, which is why I've found myself here. Later on, I hope to pursue a career in international public health, or as a doctor, or even as an epidemiologist. I feel passionate about helping solve some of the world's health problems and really hope that I can make a difference somehow. I suppose only time will tell.

KathrynKathryn Carruth

Hi, my name is Kathryn Carruth! I am fifteen years old and from a small town in northern California. My favorite subject has always been science, but less of the gritty technical stuff and more of how it affects people and our world. It never has been clear to me what I'd like to do with my life. Being a doctor would be interesting, but I don't think I would do well at an operation. I love writing, but I don't know if I'd want to turn my hobby into a career as an author. Recently, though, I want to be a women's rights activist, especially in developing countries around the world. Helping other women break out of their conformities and become the very best they can be is work I am passionate about. I want to see women take control of their lives instead of letting government and men do it for them. One of my favorite quotes (from Ghandi, of course) is, "Be the change you want to see in the world." That simple line speaks to my heart and truly inspires me. As easy as it would be to send a donation, I'd much prefer to be in the field, helping young women like myself.



Hi, my name is Maddie Taylor. I am almost sixteen years old and I live in Denver, Colorado, although I grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts. I attended SSEP because I am interested in how science relates to other fields, including the humanities, health, mathematics, and many more. I really found my passion last year when I took a class on international relations. Many social, political, and economic problems can be tied back to health issues, and this is definitely something I'm interested in exploring in the future. Although I am still unsure of what I might major in in college, political science, international studies, chemistry, and Spanish are all interests of mine. For now, I am lucky to have supportive family and friends who encourage me to pursue my passions, and I am excited for what the future holds.


Malia MHi, My name is Malia Mandl. I am 17 years old and I'm from Seattle, Washington. I have been interested in science from a young age, especially biology. This interest is what brought me to SSEP and what has driven me to want to become a doctor. I'm interested in going into the medical field not only because I have a passion for biology, but also because I want to be able to help people and give back. When I saw the class Global Young Women's Health I knew that i wanted to take it. This class has helped me further understand what women are going through in other parts of the world and how I can help. I have always been interested in providing women their right to birth control but some of the statistics I heard in class lead me to want to research this topic more. I believe that every woman should have the right to birth control


RosaWelcome to our website! My name is Rosa Shapiro-Thompson, and I'm at SSEP because I love learning and want exposure to as much science as I can get. Due to my fascination with both social justice and gender equality, I'm gaining a lot from Global Young Women's Health. In the future, I would like to pursue several interests, and perhaps wind up doing work concerning wealth or health disparities, or possibly scientific research in a biological field such as neuroscience, or teaching. Either way, I want to be a positive force in my lifetime, so as long as that works out, I'll be happy.


Simone TuckerMy name is Simone Tucker and I am 15 years old. I currently live in Washington, D.C. I am a rising junior at Eastern Senior High School. I wish to live in Los Angeles and go to school there after I graduate from high school even though I do not know what I want to major in yet. I wish to study abroad in Asia while in college and learn a foreign language.


wendy gHello, I am Wendy Gonzalez. I am from New Jersey, and when I heard of the SSEP summer program I knew that I belonged here. My passion and love for science is endless and I have had a blast learning about new topics during my time here. I find the issues covered in Global Young Women's health moving and I do not plan on stopping here. I want to become an activist and advocate for young women around the world. What really inspires me is sex trafficking and the personal individual struggles that women and girls face. This is why I chose sex trafficking as my research project. I want to inform and help make a difference for these women because they have right to a happy and healthy life!

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