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My name is Alexa Jade Laboy and I am 15 years old. I'm from Harlem, New York and I attend The Young Women's leadership School of East Harlem. I chose to come to the Smith Science & Engineering Program because science has never been my best subject but I learned in By Girls For Girls that science doesn't always have to be about nature and cell division, it is also about learning who you are as a person. I chose By Girls For Girls because I wanted to see what it was about and I felt this program could help me learn about myself and build more of that confidence I need in life to survive. The topic I chose was girls' lack of confidence due to the media because I feel that girls today focus on what's the new look and wanting to look like a model but one has the "perfect" body. As a girl with curves I always try to tell myself "It's ok to have curves and I am beautiful." That is the message I am trying to send out to girls everywhere and I hope I reach one reader.


I am Ashmina Shilpakar. I am from Nepal and I moved to the United States in 2008. I am 17 years old and a rising senior at Wheaton High School, MD. I love Math and Science. When I grow up, I want to become a pediatrician as I love working with children. I came to Smith Summer Science and Engineering Program because it is a great program for students who are interested in science and engineering. I joined the course By Girls, For Girls because I wanted to learn more about women's health and be prepared for my future career path.


My name is Catherine Hernandez. I am from Jamaica, Queens, New York. I am 15 years-old. I decided to come to the SSEP program here in Smith College because I found it as an opportunity to learn more about science. I chose the research course By Girls, For Girls because I wanted to learn more about life for adolescents that I can bring back home and tell my friends about so they can also be informed like I was. I chose this course because I was so interested when I took the class in STEP UP last year. The topic that I have chosen for my website page is self-esteem. I chose self-esteem because there are many teen girls that suffer from low self-esteem who need help to boost their low self-esteem to a high healthy self-esteem.


Hi! My name is Depika Singha. I'm currently a rising senior in New York City. I love to play volleyball and handball. And I adore Hello Kitty and Pandas.
I joined SSEP By Girls For Girls class because I wanted to take my aspirations of becoming a pediatrician a step further by learning more about the female body.


My name is Eliza Mongeau, I am a senior in high school and live in St.Croix, USVI. I love theater, especially working backstage because that's where all the real magic happens. My favorite candy is sour gummy worms but twizzlers and nerds are close behind and tied as second. Due to an extreme lack of coordination I don't play sports but I like running and biking. My favorite TV show is Glee, not just because of the awesome singing but also because it shows people from all walks of high school life working together and it demonstrates real life situations. I chose to take By Girls, For Girls because I wanted to better understand myself, not just the way my body works but what influences me to think the way I do and how that connects to the outside world


Hello! My name is Kaylah Grant and I am 15 years old. I live in Riverdale, MD. I am in ninth grade at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. I first heard about this program when my mother showed me a brochure for Smith College. I am interested in women's medicine/education so I applied. When it came time to pick my two classes, I was torn between By Girls For Girls and Making Connections. I chose By Girls For Girls because I believe that knowing my own body is the first step in helping other women and girls know theirs. I knew that this course was perfect for me because I can relate to all of the discussion topics.


Hi! I'm Starla, a rising 9th grader from northern Virginia. I joined the By Girls For Girls class because I'm interested in learning more about the global health issues women are facing. Also, I'm looking into becoming a doctor when I'm older and I thought this class might give me some ideas on what to look into. During my free time I like to hang out with my friends and play with my very silly puppy, Major!


Hi, I'm Taylor Wynn. I live in Bethesda, Maryland. This year I'm going to be an incoming freshman in high school. I decided to come to Smith Summer Science and Engineering Program because when I'm older, I would like to major in the field of science. I don't know exactly what I want to do yet, and I'm hoping Smith can help me decide. I like playing volleyball, skiing, and I also play the piano and saxophone! I dislike spider, some rollercoasters and sunburns.


Name: Tori Schaer
Hometown: New York City
Favorite things: Video games, Punk Cabaret, triptychs
Why I came to SSEP: To learn and have fun at the same time; to get an idea of the college experience; to find a community where we're all cut from the same nerdy cloth.


My name is Violet Sharpless, a rising junior from Indianapolis, Indiana. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, rowing, writing, making friendship bracelets, eating gummies, swimming, Harry Potter, watching movies, singing, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and being around others. My dislikes include loud noises, centipedes, anchovies, and sausage on my pizza. I signed up for the course By Girls For Girls because I'm interested in psychology, and learning why people act the way they do. This course has been great, allowing me to learn about women's bodies while connecting the anatomy to international women's health issues.


My name is Armani Johnell C. Eady. I am 15 years of age. I am an aspiring Journalist. At such a tender age, I maintain my contribution to my community. My leadership has influenced lives of many so far. In addition, I attend SSEP. I came here because I wanted to experience something new. Little did I know I would learn not only about developing countries, but about myself and how I am viewed. I picked By Girls For Girls because I like discussions and expressing myself. This class has sent me on an emotional journey and it has proven to be the best class for me. I am lucky to take part in this evolving class and have the greatest people to guide me.


Hi, my name is Esther Cohen and I’m a rising sophomore from Philadelphia, PA. I love theater and usually do about 7 productions a year. I came to SSEP to try something new and cultivate my interests in science in a new way. I signed up for By Girls, For Girls because I am adamant about women’s rights and I have always been interested in becoming a women’s health professional. I chose to research gender roles for this class because I think that people in this world, especially women, are so forced into social boxes that need to be broken. I want to help people break those strict and unreasonable gender roles.


Hi, My name is Madison. I'm from New York City . I'm 15 Years old. I
decided to come to the Summer Science and Engineering Program because I really enjoy science and I figured why not come to Smith since they have an awesome science program. I chose to take up the course By Girls For Girls because I like the study about Women and their bodies.


  • Sri Lankan
  • 16 years old
  • Student in Overseas School of Colombo.
  • Friends call me Sandy and my family calls me Rosi
  • Loves to eat, dance, sleep and play badminton, basketball, volleyball.
  • I enjoy  hanging  around with family and friends
  • I love to dance in the rain and get wet
  • I dance Bharatha Natyam, Bollywood, freestyle, hip hop and belly dance
  • I joined dance classes when I turned 5 years old on my birthday.
  • I like late night movies
  • I study biology listening to music


Hi I’m Tess. I’m 17 years old and am entering my last year of high school. I decided to come to SSEP because I am interested in women’s public health issues and the nervous system. I like sweet potatoes and tiramisu. My favorite place in the world is Greece.


  My name is Winnie Qiu. I am going to be a senior next year. I'm from southern China but I currently attend to Ecole d'Humanite which located in Switzerland. I'm an out-going and involved person, therefore, participating in various activities and adapting to my surroundings are important to me. I joined SSEP because I want to expand and to broaden my intellectual horizons on the field of science. “By Girls For Girls” had truly gave me a great experience!



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My name is Kaleigh and I'm the student intern for By Girls, For Girls 2011. I'm a rising sophomore at Smith College, and proud of it! I LOVED working with this class because I got to see these awesome young women learn about how their bodies work, what they think about important issues, how they're affected by the world around them, and how they can effect the world themselves. By designing the class around discussion, movies, and activites, the girls were very involved and they grew and expanded their views every day. They worked on research projects, created scenes, and worked through issues that effect women all over the world. I'm proud and grateful to be able to work with these girls, and I know they'll be able to make a difference with all they have learned here.


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