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Receive secure messages with health care providers on campus; schedule appointments for some types of visits; access forms and information.

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Where is it?
Health Services is the last building on the right at the end of Paradise Road. (Walk past all the quad houses: it's across the street from the daycare.)

How do I make an appointment?
You must call for an appointment; there are no walk-in hours! Health services is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Appointment Desk (during regular hours) #(413) 585-2811

Do I have to pay?
Regardless of your insurance plan, office visits are free. Charges come from tests done at appointments. With the college insurance all test charges are covered and many are covered with the optional plan. Students with private insurance have access to free pregnancy tests and will be billed for other tests done. You don't have to pay while at Health Services. Students may switch to the optional college insurance plan at any time. A complete list of tests and costs can be found at: https://www.smith.edu/health/medical_fees.php

How do I make a counseling appointment and how does billing work?
Counseling Services does not charge for visits, all students have approximately 8 free sessions as needed. Call Counseling Services at (413) 585-2840 to make an appointment.

Can I get Plan-B or latex items at Health Services?
You can get Plan-B at any appointment from Health Services for $20. You can get it as a precaution, even if you don't need it at the time. All latex (condoms, dams, etc.) is ordered by the Health Reps and distributed to the houses.

What if I'm too sick to walk there?
If you are too sick or injured to walk to Health Services you can call the nurse's station (413)585-2813 and they can coordinate transport for you via Access Van.

What if I need something when Health Services is closed?
When Health Services is closed, a nurse is available for phone consultation: (413) 585-1260. A counselor is available by phone: (413) 585-2840.

Health Services is moving to an online system that will allow students and health care providers to securely communicate through online messages. This also will let students make appointments online for situations such as sports physicals (see full list online).

To register, visit http://smith.medicatconnect.com and login using your smith username and password.