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What Faculty & Staff Can Do

Answers to questions about new equipment, resource use, who to contact and more are below.

Recycling in the Office**                                                                                       

**Note: Please do your part and take the time to find the right container for your throw-away item! Trash/drink containers put into a paper recycling bin, for example, means the whole bin of paper is considered contaminated and gets thrown in the trash instead of being recycled.

Multi-Functional Devices

The jungle of wires and appliances in offices is an energy and administrative nightmare. The energy draw from office appliances adds up as separate copiers, faxes and printers are powered up and used all day. The purchasing office offers the opportunity to replace old, less-efficient fleet copiers with a sleek, multi-functional device (MFD).

Benefits of MFDs include:

For more information that may save your department money, visit the Purchasing Office's Web site.

Transportation, Parking Opt-Outs and Carpooling

Purchasing Office

The Purchasing Office at Smith College works with the Office of Campus Sustainability to find ways to provide you with access to sustainable materials for the office. In addition to the energy and resources saving measures of smart purchasing, the Purchasing Office can offer bargaining power because of the volume of purchases. To find out how to get affordable supplies for your office and take a look at the vendor contracts, check out the purchasing Web site.

Greener Events

The Smith Events Management Office has many ideas for reducing the impact of on-campus events.