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Smith is working to reduce the impacts of college-related transportation, primarily from the college's fleet of 54 road-legal vehicles and commuting by approximately 1,300 faculty and staff. Because more than 95 percent of students live on or close to campus, student commuting is not a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions or other impacts.

Directions to Smith College

To mitigate fleet impacts, the college has introduced a Honda Civic hybrid into the fleet and replaced a number of larger vans with smaller Toyota vans that yield higher gas mileage. Since 2007, our diesel vehicles use B20 bio-diesel, a mix of 20 percent bio-diesel and 80 percent petroleum diesel fuel. This alternate fuel source reduces engine wear and also produces less carbon monoxide, particulate matter and hydrocarbons.

Currently, about 22 percent of faculty and staff use environmentally preferable transportation (e.g., walking, bicycling, carpooling or public transit). Smith encourages the use of alternate modes of commuting with the following programs: