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Energy Use & Efficiency

In 2007, electricity accounted for 29 percent of Smith's carbon footprint. Energy use affects all aspects of the college's infrastructure, so aggressive energy-efforts have paid off. From 2004 to 2009, Smith reduced total electricity consumption by 7 percent.

From the massive to the miniscule, some of the projects include:

Turn Down for Watt: Smith participates in a program that reduces air pollution and carbon emissions, prevents blackouts and brownouts, and saves the college money. Occasionally, the regional electrical grid is stressed as electricity demand peaks, such as during a heatwave. On those days, the college community will receive an email asking them to turn off all non-essential electrical appliances, including:


Other measures that can help:


This is a 100% voluntary program, but everyone is asked to participate if it does not affect critical operations or customer service.


You can learn more about demand response here.


Other projects include: