How to Apply for Departmental Honors
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Director: Gary Lehring

The honors program consists of a year-long intensive research project resulting in a thesis. The core of the program is a thesis paper, a complete draft of which is due on the first day of the second semester. Students will spend the spring semester revising their papers and will submit the final version by April 1.

Eligibility Requirements

How to Apply


How to Apply for Departmental Honors


In order to begin the application process, the student will need to request via e-mail to a "Calculation of GPA Requirements." A personalized listing of all courses and grades that are eligible for calculation will be sent as a PDF by email to the student to enable her to determine the gradepoint averages (GPAs) inside and outside the major.

Eligible students are encouraged to apply in the spring of their junior year, but fall applications are allowable so long as they are received before the end of the first week of classes in September. January graduates are on a different schedule.

Students may register for departmental honors when choosing courses in April if their applications have been approved. The spring deadline to submit completed applications, with departmental endorsement, is the last day of final exams. Applications to enter the departmental honors program from current second-semester juniors will be considered only after the grades for this current semester have been calculated into the GPAs.

First-semester seniors must submit completed applications, with departmental endorsement, no later than the end of the first week of classes in the fall semester.

Requirements to Fulfill Honors Program

Oral Examination

Following submission of the final paper, students will take an oral examination administered by three members of the government faculty. This exam will be based on the thesis and on the field in which it was written. The field is defined by the student herself, who at the time of the exam will identify three courses which she believes bear upon the topic of her thesis.

Honors Project Description

An honors applicant must submit to the government department a thesis proposal consisting of 500 to 1,000 words (two to four pages) containing the following information: