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Women and Financial Independence
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Advisory Committee

Payal Banerjee
Assistant Professor of Sociology
(413) 585-3677 pbanerje@smith.edu

Randall Bartlett
Professor of Economics
(413) 585-3605 rbartlet@smith.edu

Mlada Bukovansky
Professor of Government
(413) 585-3674 mbukovan@smith.edu

Roger Kaufman
Professor of Economics
(413) 585-3612 rkaufman@smith.edu

Leslie King
Associate Professor of Sociology
(413) 585-3561 lesking@smith.edu

Susan Levin

Professor of Philosophy, Chair

(413) 585-3647 slevin@smith.edu

Mahnaz Mahdavi
Professor of Economics, Director
(413) 585-3629 mmahdavi@smith.edu

Andrew Rotman
Associate Professor of Religion
(413) 585-3348 arotman@smith.edu

Susan Sayre
Assistant Professor of Economics and Environmental Science and Policy
(413) 585-2792 ssayre@smith.edu

Roisin O'Sullivan
Associate Professor of Economics
(413) 585-4523 rosulliv@smith.edu

Dennis Yasutomo
Professor of Government
(413) 585-3551 dyasutom@smith.edu