Botanic Garden Newsletter Spring 1999
    The Botanic Garden of Smith College, Spring 1999

Pseudolarix kaempferi A Farewell, From the Director, Kim Tripp
It is with mixed feelings of both regret for what I am leaving behind and excitement for new opportunities, that I write to inform you of my resignation as Director of the Botanic Garden. I was not looking for a new position, but the New York Botanical Garden offered me an extraordinary position as the Vice President for Horticulture. I have enjoyed my work at Smith a great deal but this position at NYBG, one of the premier botanical gardens in the country, is a unique professional opportunity. I assume my new duties at NYBG in February.
    The Botanic Garden of Smith College is a nationally important garden that offers the Smith community an unusual window into the international research, education, and cultural activities associated with botanical gardens. As I have expressed in the past, it is critical that the Botanic Garden, in the context of the mission of the College, continues to move forward with renovation of the Lyman Conservatory and implementation of the Landscape Master Plan. I know that the College will be working to ensure that these projects move forward.
    It is my most sincere hope that we will continue to work together as colleagues. I also hope that you will call on me for anything that I can do to help further the botanical and horticultural education of Smith College students and the larger Smith College community.
    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to work with you at Smith College. My only regret is that my time here was relatively brief. I will always appreciate hearing from you and will be looking forward to seeing the work of the Botanic Garden of Smith College move forward under new direction.

spacerKim Tripp

Green At Last by Rob Nicholson
Scilla amoena There may be no greater joy for the Lyman Conservatory staff than to watch the first fresh green tips of bulbs push their way up through the pots of dark brown potting soil. After a long winter of battling the rooftop ice and the biting winds that seek to intrude on our tropical environment, the Spring Bulb Show signals the beginning of the end of winter's reign.
    The Spring Bulb Show is a long-standing tradition of the Botanic Garden and dates back over 75 years. Each new show presents the same challenge: create a better show than last year. By many visitors' accounts last year's show was "the best ever," so we have an even greater challenge this year. The show actually begins in October when students in the Horticulture
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