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Work Study & School Year Internships
Work study positions at the Botanic Garden are popular with students and tend to fill quickly. Positions include: Conservatory assistant, outdoor gardens assistant, curatorial assistant, web designer, label engraver, and office assistant/receptionist.
Two academic year internships, a curatorial intern and an exhibition/education intern, are funded by the Career Development Office as well as the Cary MacRae McDaniel '69 Internship Fund.

For more information, see work-study and internship opportunities. Please download an application form, which is required of all applicants.
Contact person: Madelaine Zadik

Summer Kew Internship
Students at Jodrell Laboratory at Kew
The Botanic Garden offers two 10-week summer internships at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London. The Smith Kew interns receive funding from the Muriel Kohn Pokross (Class of 1934) Student Traveling Fellowships. For more information see Kew Internship.
Summer Internship with the Smithsonian Institution
The Botanic Garden is currently also offering an internship at the National Museum of Natural History, part of the Smithsonian Institution, under the supervision of Dr. W. John Kress, chair of the Botany Department. Projects may include working on computer plant identification systems and the ecological and evolutionary relationships between heliconias and hummingbirds. The internship involves field, lab, and herbarium work.
Intern on a collecting trip in Hawaii
To apply download an
application form.
For more information, read past reports: 2004 and 2005.
Summer Botanic Garden Internship
The Botanic Garden of Smith College has been offering 12-week paid summer internships to Five College students since 2006.  This structured full-time work experience provides critical training and insight into the tasks and skills associated with managing a public garden. This internship is situated within a curricular framework, including week-long rotations with Botanic Garden staff, field trips, and individual projects (see link below). Please contact Gaby Immerman at for more information, or click on the links below.

gaby and interns

For more details see the Internship Announcement.
Click for descriptions of Student List & Individual Projects
To apply download an application form.

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