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Curricular Enhancement Program
For additional information contact the Curricular Enhancement Program Consultant Nancy Rich.

Faculty in any discipline who are interested in teaching in the world of living plants are invited to apply for course development support through the Botanic Garden’s Curricular Enhancement Program. This program provides stipends, supplemental course funds, and planning assistance for the development of new or revised courses or portions of courses utilizing the Botanic Garden and its resources. Teaching may revolve around collections in the Lyman Conservatory as well as the Campus Arboretum and outdoor gardens.

The intent of the Curricular Enhancement Program is to show that botany has links to the liberal arts across all disciplines. The specific goal is to encourage teaching that helps students connect with the botanic garden environment and thereby exploe the complex relationships between natural, constructed, and cultural worlds.

The application deadlines are November 5 and March 25 for courses to run in any of the three subsequent semesters. Applicants must meet with the program consultant prior to submitting an application to learn more about the Botanic Garden resources and to discuss preliminary ideas.

For more information, click on the links below or contact the Curricular Enhancement Program Consultant Nancy Rich.
Courses past and present
Application information and guidelines (pdf format)

Article published about the program in the journal Public Garden

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