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Courses Past and Present

Anthropology 226 Archaeology of Food. Elizabeth Klarich

Anthropology 347 Prehistory of Food. Elizabeth Klarich.

Art History 285 Great Cities: Pompeii. Barbara Kellum

Biological Sciences 263 Plant Biology (Lab). Carolyn Wetzel

Biological Sciences 264/265 Plant Diversity and Ecology. Jesse Bellemare

Biological Sciences 366 Biogeography. Paulette Peckol

Biological Sciences 371, Microbial Diversity (Lab). Judith Wopereis

Dance 209/309, Site-specific Dance Composition. Susan Waltner

East Asian Languages and Literature 231 The Culture of the Lyric in Traditional China: Plants and Poetry. Sujane Wu

Edu. and Child Study 231: Early Childhood Education. Susan Etheredge

Engineering 315 Ecohydrology. Andrew J. Guswa

English 270 The King James Bible. Patricia L. Skarda

English 299 Green Victoria. Cornelia Pearsall

FYS 122: Eden and Other Gardens. Nancy Bradbury

FYS 158, First-year Seminar: Reading the Earth. Sharon Seelig

FYS 191, First-year Seminar: Sense and Essence in Nature. Lale Burk

History 299, Ecology in Africa. Sarah Hardin

Landscape Studies 250, Landscape and Narrative.Reid Bertone-Johnson

Portuguese and Brazilian Studies 221, Ecological Brazil: Key Environmental Issues. Marguerite Harrison

Portuguese 381: Brasil Profundo: Landscape and the Environmental Imaginary in Brazilian Culture. Malcolm McNee

Spanish Language, Literature and Culture 260, Survey of Latin American Literature I. Michelle Joffroy

Studio Art 269 Offset Printmaking I. Dwight Pogue

Studio Art 285, Intro to Architecture: Language and Craft.
Jim Middlebrook

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