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Landscape Update: August 31, 2011

Campus Tree Removals

The Campus Arboretum fared well in spite of the torrential rain and wind from hurricane Irene that passed through the area on August 28, 2011. However, Landscape Manager, Jay Girard, has been on campus assessing tree health and some removals unrelated to the storm are scheduled in the upcoming weeks.

This week a large sugar maple in front of Albright House will be removed because it is hollow at the base and poses a hazard to pedestrians and vehicles.

There are two matched elms being removed from the quad because one has significant decay in the trunk. The matching elm will also be removed and both replaced to maintain the quad’s original formal design.

Also several rental properties owned by the college are being overhauled. These include:

• 146 Elm; removal of two trees that have outgrown the space in front of the house
• 16 Paradise Rd.; trees next to the garage that self-seeded and will soon outgrow their location will be removed
• 67 West Street and its border with 30 Belmont (Human Resources); five trees that are dead or near death and are deemed hazardous will be removed.

Additionally, two crabapple trees that are dead or dying, one at McConnell Hall and one at Trudy’s Garden, will be removed.

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